What is Business Plan? How to Prepare ?

 Business Plan is an essential step while starting a business and/or growing a business. In other words it is an written live document suggesting How to start a Business and/or how to grow a business.

A business plan is different for starter and running business. Both have different needs and different requirements. Business Plan varies company to company. A business plan that is good for one, is not necessary to be good for others.

Prepare your business plan by your own, depend upon your requirements. If you will copy or/and follow other’s business plan then most probably you won’t achieve your goal.

A Business Plan seems to be a complicated process but it’s not. Anyone can prepare a business plan, even a under graduate student can prepare it. We only need to understand about our business model, goal, requirements, market and customer type etc.

Below we will understand about how can we prepare our business plan. Business Plan is important not only for companies but also for wholesale, distribution, retail, chemist, pharmacy and other businesses.

A number of factors affect preparation of a Business Plan. These we will discuss below in article. First discuss about character sticks of a good business plan.

Character sticks of a Business Plan:

A Business Plan should be Short, Simple,  Understandable and Updated. These three qualities should have in any business plan.

Keep it Short :

No one likes a lengthy 40 to 50 pages document. A business plan can be written in a single or two page at initial level. After start with this short business plan, later you can prepare a big plan.  As big you will make it, there is chances it would be ignored during business planning.


Keep it Simple and Understandable:

It should be easily understandable to your employees and investors. Simplicity makes it easy to implement. It should easily convey about business model, marketing strategy, promotional strategy, customers, future approach etc.


A Business is a learning process and a Good business plan is a live document that must be updated regularly as you know more about your customer, sales and marketing tactic those are useful and those are not. There should always be possibility of amendment and improvement in Business Plan.

How to prepare Business Plan?

A good Business plan includes following parts:

  • Summary
  • Opportunities available in market for your business
  • Financial Resources (bank, saving, investor etc.)
  • Financial Planning (Initial investment, running cost, finance required to stay in market till business start to produce profit)
  • Product and molecules list to launch
  • Competition
  • Types of marketing/promotion
  • Key Customers (Companies, Doctors, Distributors and/or retailers/pharmacies, patients)
  • Marketing and Promotional Strategy including inputs, gifts, tours, advertisement etc
  • Area and territories covered
  • Team member
  • Distribution Channel
  • How to execute plan practically
  • Assumptions and Risks


Summary is extract and/or highlights of a plan. Write in brief about your business plan in summary section.


In opportunity section, write about business scope and opportunities available for you to grow your business. These opportunities may be any customer problem solving product and/or service, unique molecule, key strengths that could beat competition and any other marketing/promotional strategy.

Financial Resources:

In this section, write about financial resources. From where you will manage finance to start your start-up and/or grow your existing business. Finance source could be your own saving, any bank loan, third party investment etc. Adequate finance is must for starting and growing any business.

Financial Planning:

Having finance is different thing and using it in good way is different thing. Financial planning includes how you will invest your financial resources in good way. Earning more with less investment is one of the best type financial planning. This section includes how you will invest at products, how much you will invest at office and accessories, running expenses, salary of man power, finance require to stay in market till business generate profit etc.

Products/Services and Molecule to Launch:

This section covers product/services details. Complete product detail along with Brand Name, Ingredients, cost, net rate, MRP, trade rate and selling rates etc. Also highlights molecule/s and/or composition/s that are unique in market. Products that could provide immediate results and products that can be milestone in long run. Every particular that is necessary related to products/services should include in this section. If you want to know how to prepare product list read here


Every business has competition. Competition may be in direct form and indirect form. Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic market is highly competitive. In this section, you should write about major brand and companies to whom you have to compete to sell your products and services. How you can overcome other brand by giving low rates or better service or timely delivery or any extra benefits.

Types of Marketing:

Before starting any business, you must finalize which type of marketing and promotion you want to adopt to sell your products/services. There are manufacturing company those manufacture products for marketing companies only. Some do only direct marketing. Some do both marketing type. It depend upon you how you can easily sell or establish or grow your business. Generally used marketing types are third party, contract manufacturing, loan licensing, ethical, generic, pcd, franchise, over the counter etc. Read in detail about Marketing type here

Key Customer:

Every type of marketing has different type of key customers. In third party/contract manufacturing, marketing companies are key customers. For Ethical marketing, Doctors are key customers. For distributors, chemists are customers. Before making a business plan, you have to research about your key customers. One marketing type may have one than one key customers.

Marketing and Promotional Strategy

Above you have written marketing types, in this section you need to write in detail about your marketing and promotional strategy like marketing through medical representatives and/or online marketing, promotional inputs, gifts, tours, advertisement etc. Some special highlights that makes your marketing strategy unique from others.

Area and Territory Covered:

Small businesses and start-up generally starts with small investment and small area. In this section, Area and territories covered initially and future expansion is written down. How many person will cover a particular territory also will be mentioned in it.

Team Member:

Sales persons and staff member required for starting a business and/or growing a business is also an important part of business plan. Team members are not less than any financial resource. A good team can achieve any thing in world without any major resources. Number of sales persons and office staff you require initially. Their salary and other expenses.

Distribution Channel:

Distribution Channel is an important part of any business. If a business fails to deliver a product/service at required time to customer, its all efforts met with failure. You can include one or more distribution channel in your business plan. For example a manufacturing do third party manufacturing as well as ethical marketing. Its distribution channel will be B2B as well as CNF, wholesale and retailer type.

How to execute Plan?

You have build a plan on paper. Now you need to execute it at ground level. All thing you have now – work force, finance, product, marketing strategy etc. How will you take it at ground will be covered by this section. How you will start working, from where you first start, who will take initiative to launch first, where will be your major concentration at start etc.

Assumptions and Risk:

We make some assumptions in business always. Our plans are also assumptions. These assumptions creates some risks. Suppose you planned a Doctor A will prescribe for you within one month if you visit him but unfortunately he is out of city for more than two months when you launched. As number of assumptions convert into reality, minimum chances of risk or vice-versa.

Factors Affecting Business Plan:

  • Financial Resources
  • Business Model
  • Goals and Requirements
  • Market Coverage
  • Marketing Type

Financial Resources:

Finance is blood for any business.  Before preparing a business plan, accurate data of financial resources should be calculated. Financial investment should be channelized to get maximum profit with minimum investment.

Products investment, marketing and promotional investment, investment at work force etc is to be considered before preparing a business plan. In starting and/or small businesses don’t have much resources to promote or launch at products at high level. So there should be planning according to financial resources.

Business Model:

We can’t prepare a same business plan for marketing company and manufacturing company. Both of theses have different requirement, goals, customer type, market etc. Likewise retail and distributor business plan wouldn’t be same.  Like wise ethical and generic marketing model will have different business plans.

Goals and Requirements:

Future development goal and requirements for achieving these goals affects business plans. As business grows, goals and requirements change. Business plan keeps amend according to goals and requirements.

Market Coverage:

You cover one area or district or state or more affect your business plan. Big area requires big resources, big work force and big goals & achievements.

Marketing Type:

How and where you promote and market your products, what is your customer type, what inputs you use to market your product directly affects business plan. Promotion through digital marketing, books, news paper, tv etc makes big difference in financial budget and business plan.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Advertisement Campaign Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector?

We all know Social Networks. We all know Facebook. We all know Facebook sells ads. We all see sponsored posts in our news feeds. We have become used to these posts. Facebook is a business who sell ads to its member. Facebook emerged as a powerful tool for marketing and branding in online era. But unfortunately researches show that only 10% of Big Pharma and Healthcare Brands are successful in creating good social presence and followers engagement. Facebook and other social networks are marketing monsters tools that can’t be ignored by Healthcare Sector. But most of companies are suffering to get followers engagement. That means either people are not interested to get healthcare information at social networks or Companies have been failed to create such information and social presence that are unavailable to satisfy users requirement.

Social Networks could be helpful in brand building along with getting some business but for this we have to learn how to use face for business promotion. Here we are going to discuss about Facebook Business Promotion and effective Facebook Ad campaign. In this article we will discuss things to understand for effective Facebook Page building, How to create a Facebook business page, how to run effective facebook ad campaign. First discuss about important things about Facebook Page.

Before starting with facebook ad. We first learn to need about Facebook way of working. We have a option of creating Page. Facebook considers a Page as Business. If we are going to create a page at facebook. Facebook will thing its our business. For example we created our Facebook Page Pharma Franchise Help to promote our blog at social network. This page prime purpose to create presence at social network. That doesn’t become effective and number of likes, shares wasn’t as effective as it should be. Reason of not getting popularity was not poor content or not having good information but prime reason is that Facebook has changed its policy and number of Page feeds in Users Post was declined by facebook at major extent. It has removed 90 percent of page feeds and only show 10% page feed when an user log in his account.

That’s the major set back for new facebook pages who recently become aware about Facebook as advertisement tool and we consider it free marketing tool. That was our elusion, it was not more free. Either we have to create more viral content or we have to pay to facebook for showing in users feed. With page having 25000 page likes, a page post will hardly reach to 1500 users organically. Percent of organic reach is much lesser then we expect. From 1500 users hardly 80 to 90 person will engaged with post. Engage word is used at Facebook for any action taken by user for particular post like Likes, Share, Comment etc. These numbers are very less.

Reason behind these lesser organic reach is to boast advertisement and encourage business pages to pay more to facebook for more engagements. So facebook is no more free for business. Its free for its users because they help it to get money from businesses. Facebook Ad is good way to making brand awareness and effective way to tell people that we are also present in market. But its good way to get instant business in healthcare sector or not is matter of more research.

Things to be considered For effective Facebook Ad Campaign:

  • Start with Low Budget and Increase it gradually according to response from previous advertisements.
  • Don’t Directly Sell any thing at Facebook. Facebook is not for selling purpose. Facebook is one of the best tool to get brand building and brand awareness. Selling too much or offering too much can’t cause negative branding.
  • Use Best image related to company/organisation/service or providing valuable information is good way to start Ad campaign. Image and videos get more engagement as compare to simple text post. Facebook also advice to get started with image (with minimum written portion) and video to get better results.
  • Provide valuable information at Business Page. Don’t promote unnecessary own self. People use Facebook to contact with other people, acquire knowledge and spend free time interestingly and with entertainment. They don’t use it to buy or sell any thing. If we provide valuable information, own brand will automatically highlight.
  • Small Post, Interesting Images and Short Videos are best way to contact with our followers. Original post, images and videos get more engagement as compare to copied.
  • Don’t follow or copy techniques and ideas of other pages. Create own style and ideas to promote own brand. If others are using any idea and we use same then why people will like or follow us to get information or entertainment.
  • Post regularly. Pages with regular posts get more engagement compare to pages with rare posting.
  • Create a Blog. Blog is one of the most crucial way followed by big brands to engaged with its customers and followers. Having blog and posting regular posts at page give it more ethical look to a Business Page.

This could also be helpful to generate franchise/pcd queries for Pharma Companies. As we mentioned in our Article how to generate sale and parties for Pharmaceutical franchise Company, Facebook may be an important tool for getting Pcd and Pharma Franchise Queries and generating sale. Now many pharma franchise companies have started to experiment facebook ad. Before this Google Adwords was only way to get franchise queries by means of using online advertisement other then promoting own website or certain portals whose most of queries are always fake. Facebook Ad is good way to making brand awareness and effective way to tell people that we are also present in market. But its good way to get instant franchise query or not has not surety. As we analyse it, its not an instant way to get franchise distributor or persons. Its way to promote company to create interest and awareness about products and services.

How to Create Facebook Business Page?
Steps For Desktop:
Step 1: Log in at Facebook profile (Individual/Company etc)

Step 2: Click at Right corner button as shown in below image

Step 3: Click at Create Page as shown in above image.
Step 4: A create page option will open. Showing option for which type of business we want to start or page will represent which type of option from below options. Options will be generally as like:

  • Local business or Place
  • Company, Organisation or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

As shown in below image

Step 5: Click at Company, Organisation or Institution Option if we want to promote Company. Click at Brand or Product option if we want to promote any one or certain products.

Step 6: Choose from the category and Enter Name of Organisation or Company.

Step 7: Click at Get Started at shown in Image above. A Page Showing Company Name will be open as shown in Below image:
Step 8: Add Cover photo, Set user name and add logo or company profile picture at places shown in picture above. We can also invite our friends to like this page.
Step 9: Now Facebook Business page has been created. This will be like as below image after adding all things:
Now we have a Facebook Business page for advertising, promotion and brand awareness at this giant social network.
Steps for Mobile:
For mobile Facebook app either login in Facebook app or Facebook Page Manager App. In Facebook app click at profile section. Scroll then below to find Create Page option. In page manager app click at left side menu, scroll down to find new page option. Enter Name of Page as per Company Name or Brand Name and Follow the steps.
Step 1: Click at Create page option as shown in Image below:

 Step 2: Click at Get started option for proceeding to building page as shown in below image:

Step 3: Enter Page Name from which you want to start. Name may be Company Name, Brand Name or Any other related name.
Step 4: Choose Category for your page. Click at choose category option. 

 Step 5: Choose Category. Select as per need. Whether we are company, organisation, a brand or product or blog or website. What ever we are, we have to choose.

 Step 6: Choose Sub category as shown below:

 Step 7: Click at next to proceed

 Step 8: Add Company/Organisation or blog or any other related website if we have. If don’t have skip it.

 Step 9: Add profile picture. Generally logo. If don’t want, skip it

  Step 10: Add cover picture. Generally best from the images. If don’t want, skip it

Step 11: We will have Final Facebook Business Page
How to Run an Effective Ad Campaign at Facebook?

Facebook allow to advertise Page, Post and company website in Business Page. These can be handled by our Business Page. Business Page is boosted to get more likes and create brand awareness among facebook users. Page Post is boosted to get more visitors at particular article, product web page or service section etc. If our motive to get more visitors to our website then we can boost website to users to get more visitors to our website.

Facebook campaign could be fruitful if managed properly and could have been totally waste of money and time if not managed properly. Facebook has huge user base. These users belong to different interests, professions, regions, languages, society and cultures etc. All are not useful to us. One of the main reason of failure of Facebook ad Campaign is not targeting accurate audience. Visitors at our website that don’t have pharma interest or those don’t need any type of distribution or those don’t have qualities to become future customer are not of our interest. Like wise Page likes from persons who are not interested in our products or service or not related to our profession are not useful to us. We need only pharma professionals or who have interest in our products or service and has possibility to become our future customers.

Before promoting or starting advertising campaign at facebook, first we need to choose our audience type and who could be our future potential customers. If we are looking for pharma franchise distributors, we need to promote our page, website or post at targeting persons who could be our future franchise associates. Our target audience could be Medical Representatives and Other Pharma Sales Persons, Distributors/Stockists, Chemists/Pharmacies, Doctors, Doctor’s staff members, Hospitals, and other pharma professionals etc.

If we want to get most of from our facebook campaign then we need to target these communities only. Along with interest type promotion, we also need to set geography of campaign. Suppose we need parties or distributors from South India then we have to set location and geography of our campaign to get most of from lowest budget as possible. Until we set-up target audience base campaign, we can’t find benefits from Facebook advertisement. Without homework it will be waste of money.

For starting Facebook Advertisement Campaign, following step will be involved. Other then this Facebook also give boosting option frequently while we post, add website or scroll down to our feeds as showing in above two images.

Step 1: Visit at own Facebook Page. For example: www.facebook.com/pharmafranchisehelp
Step 2: Click at Promote. Promote option is available at Facebook Page as shown in above two image and below image:

Step 3: A pop-up showing How would you like to grow your business will open. Choose best option we want to start promotion. Click at promote your page to get more likes and engagements. Click at Get more people to contact to get click at call to action button which could be set-up according to individual need. Click at Get more website visitors to promote company/organisational website so people reach directly to company website by clicking at ad link.

Step 4: Change Ad Creative like Wording, Images, re positioning image etc.

Step 5: Audience Setting. Most crucial Step. Right audience selection can build a brand whereas wrong audience type can result in waste of time and money. Choose carefully audience section.

Step 6: Set-up budget and duration of your Ad. First we should start with lesser amount of money. Gradually we can increase money and duration also.

Step 7: Click at Promote Button. It will ask to add money, credit card and other options for paying for advertisement at Facebook. Add money or use credit card to pay to Facebook and Ad will be submitted for review. If Ad get approval then it will start to show in users news Feed.

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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Mail Social Media Powerful Marketing Tools are:

Which type of marketing is best in Pharma Sector?

I have started the marketing firm as I got whole sale licence and TIN , I have launched 8 products with our brand name .I am bit confused what type of marketing we have to do for that.and what are the margins to be fixed, 


As we all know most commonly used marketing types in pharmaceutical sector is:

You can choose either one of above. Below check the drawbacks and advantages of each marketing types in our article:
What are the pro and cons of ethical/generic/pcd-franchise marketing?

Margin should be fixed according to your expenses, loans, costing and investment etc.
Hope above information is helpful to you…
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How to sell Herbal Plant in Market?

I have farmland, and wish to grow herbal plants, Can you please guide , where can I find market for these herbal plants and what are the different herbs that I can plant in my farmland.


For marketing of herbal plants, you will need to contact Ayurvedic and Herbal product manufacturers who use these plants as raw material. You can choose either of methods used for marketing from different methods. Follow following steps to market your herbal plants:

  • Search list of Ayurvedic Herbal Companies
  • Collect and make a directory with contact number, address and E-mail Id’s of each company
  • Contact through phone numbers or send them mail regarding your proposal of herbal plants you cultivate
  • Separate interested and non interested contacts
  • Send best rates for interested contact and follow-up for the same
  • Finalize the deal and start trading

Or you can build a website for your herbal plants and promote it online to get response from interested companies at your products.

Most commonly used marketing methods are:

You can cultivate any herbs that are in good demand in market like turmeric, aloevera, basil, caraway, garlic, fennel, dill, lavender, mints etc. 

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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Why content marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Why content
marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Content marketing has become important marketing
tool in most of business sectors. As number of internet users is increasing,
number of persons using internet for information are increasing. Once there was
time when people used to discuss queries, check books/news papers and other
resources to find out solutions and information. But now information is
available at just a click away. We want any information, we search it through
internet. This internet base information habit creates demand of content
marketing in every sector.
Yesterday, we are searching for a new phone.
Before buying, we want to compare and check everything about phones and want to
choose best possible phone at particular budget for us. For that we study phone
reviews, article related to that, comparison between phones etc. Actually we
don’t know whether it was true or not, what was written in reviews and articles
but we believe at it. We believe at sources that have created these contents.
That’s our psychology. We believe at, what we read.
Social media and blogs/contents are major source
of affecting our decision when we go for purchase anything. Not only buying habits
but also it has been started to affect our daily routine, our political, social
and psychological thoughts and thinking. That’s affecting our faiths also. It
is the power of content marketing.
What is
content marketing?
Content marketing is broad term which covers creating
articles, images, videos and other means & providing valuable information,
sharing information through social media platforms, e-mails, massages and much
more. Content marketing may be in form of a post, image, video, gif, printed
material etc.
Basic motive of content marketing is to provide
information and spread awareness at any particular issue and topic. As your
content spread awareness and information, it spread your brand value along with
tools for Content Marketing:
Choosing any content marketing tool depends at
audience type. First we need to know about our target audience. What are the
tools that are mostly used by our target audience and so called future customer
is best for starting content marketing by a brand. In pharmaceutical sector,
our target audience is an educated and elite category. Doctors, Distributors
and chemists are basically targeted by pharmaceutical companies for
prescription products. OTC products content marketing could be different
consumer type and targeted audience. Choosing a perfect marketing tool is most
important aspect of success in content marketing.
A brand can create content and share information
through following means:

  • Written Content (Blogging): Creating post and written contents are one of the
    most used content marketing tools by brands. A blog creates trust in readers
    about brand. A trust is most important thing that differentiates a Brand from
    other similar products. Providing regular and unique information related to
    product category is important for building brand value. Every brand should have
    a blog along with website.
  • Social Networks: Social Networks like facebook, Youtube, twitter,
    instagram, pinerest, quora, linkedIn,raditt, tumblr etc are few most used
    social networks by people these days. Social media is playing very important
    tool in changing the traditional methods of brand building. Social media has
    made it easy to reach at targeted audience in much affordable price through sponsored
    post. Content marketing in form of post, image, video, gif etc are much used
    types at social media.
  • Banners and Postures: Banners and Postures are one of the old methods to
    spread brand awareness through content marketing. These can be used online as
    well as offline to spread information along with brand awareness.
Why does Pharmaceutical
Sector need Content Marketing?
In Pharmaceutical sector, tradition tools for
doctors to get information were literatures, drug related books and magazines,
conferences, educational seminars, information provided by company
representatives etc. But now doctors and all other pharma professionals are
connected through social networks and internet. Every person use to like and
follow some reliable knowledge providing pages and social media accounts.
Research suggests that a person spend a handsome time at social networks and
internet for finding and searching information.
Along with searching for information, a person checks
a company online profile before associating with it. Online presence and
valuable information provided by any brand can create the difference. Changing
habit of people to search information creates the need of emphasis at content
marketing for getting best results from technology.

Google and Facebook dominate that internet for
providing information in world along with India. Blogging, Quora, Linkedin and instagram and
other platforms are also valuable tools for information generation.
Content marketing could be cheap and easy way to reach doctors group and other healthcare professionals at minimum time. 

Common used forms of Content Marketing:
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Slides/Presentations
  • Images/Pdf files
  • Videos
  • Awareness Campaign     

Content marketing is easy way to spread brand awareness but it takes time to build trust in audience and supposed customer’s mind set about content and brand so content marketing takes lot of time to start producing results. It’s not overnight process. We have to be patience and regular for generating good results from content marketing.

Hope above information is useful to you…
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How to start a successful Business in Pharmaceutical Sector?

Hello sir, I am studying in 2 year B. Pharmacy. I am worry about my career. My dream is to become a successful business man . I belong to middle class family. Please suggest me what I do to become a business man. I want to open my own business. No one in my family who suggest me about my career. I am waiting for your suggestion.


Don’t panic about your career. All is going to be well…

If you are from middle class family that doesn’t mean you can’t do a business. You need to do some extra ordinary efforts only. For becoming businessman, one need to acquire knowledge of all segments in pharmaceutical business. Your all efforts should be in process to acquire knowledge and experience.

At this time, you are in 2nd year of pharmacy degree, you need only to concentrate at your study till you have passed out from degree. Main efforts will start when you will choose your job responsibilities and department. Every department job in pharmaceutical sector has business opportunities in future when you will have enough experience and confidence to start pharma business. For example, if you are medical rep, you can start your marketing company in future. If you are manufacturing chemist, you can open your manufacturing company. If you are analytical chemist, you can open independent laboratory for testing small companies products. If you are in regulatory affairs, you can open consultancy business. If you are in any other department, business opportunities in future will be available there.

Choose your career as per your interest and traits. There is much more chances of starting own business in interested field as compare in field where you don’t have any interest. Spend adequate time in job till you learn enough to push yourself in business. You prime concentration should be only at learning and getting knowledge. You should be curious about every thing why this is happening in your daily job routine and life.

Time period spent in job before starting own business depend at your learning capacity and performance. Remember starting business from zero is not an easy and over night process. It takes time and extra ordinary efforts. Self motivation will be key in your journey. What business you have to start, you will not need to ask from anyone after necessary experience.

You can read life journey of some great businessmen who started their business from zero. It will give you inspiration and motivation to start and keep in tract. Don’t over expect from your self and others. Always play fair with own self and others. Success is combinations of failures. When you fail in something, remember, you have added a new step toward your success.

Hope for your best future…

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How to sell Ayurvedic Products Online?

Non Prescription, ayurvedic, cosmetic and Over the counter medicines and dietary supplements can be

Query 1:

I m starting my marketing company of ayurvedic products with my own product. But it is very costly medicine. I want to sell online. My documents will be complete after 15 days. I want to sell in export market also. Kindly suggest something for marketing

Query 2:

I wish to market Ayurvedic products. Kindly advise me how to start and run a Marketing company for sale of Ayurvedic Products ONLINE.


For starting Ayurvedic Products Marketing Company, read in detail starting ayurvedic marketing company by clicking here

For online sale you will need sale tax number number, Pan number etc. Read about sale tax number here

You can apply at all main online portals for selling your Ayurvedic product. There is one condition for selling online product, your product should not be prescription product. If it has mentioned for treatment of any particular disease and only Ayurvedic practitioner can prescribe it, then you can’t sell it online.

For export process you can read our article: Requirements for export of Ayurvedic Products.
Common marketing types you can read in below article: Marketing types of pharma and ayurvedic products.

Query 2:

Interested to start online sale for cosmetic and Ayurveda products

For selling online, you need GST Number. If you have this, you can make a seller account at any of online selling website.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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how to start company and expand it more like MNC

I am M.tech in Biotechnology, currently working in pharmaceutical as Quality assurance, am hereby to sate that i am interested in pharmaceutical products so I want to start manufacturing pharmaceutical products. So I planed first to do marketing of pharmaceutical products with my company name and brand and if it runs well then I can plan to set up manufacturing unit. So i want your suggestions how to start company and expand it more like MNC companies. Kindly suggest me. 

Process for starting pharma marketing company read here

For starting marketing company, you need to complete all documents as given in above link.
Choose company name and brand names.
Finalize third party manufacturer
After getting products, start marketing of products.

Starting marketing company with third party manufacturing is not a difficult process but most important prospect is selling that products. You can sell your company products from any marketing types we discussed in our article: Marketing types in pharmaceutical sector

For Expanding your company like Multi national companies, first you have build a strong foundation. Select area where you want to start in beginning. Establish that area to expand your business in next area. Expand step by step till you create good presence in market. After that search for more investment in your company and cover many area’s in single time.

Slow and steady is best policy in beginning.

Hope above information is useful to you.

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How to sell through Prescription in Pharmaceutical Sector?

We can say the continuation of this article in below article on the basic of our reader query.

I am based in Ahmedabad and just ventured into Pharma Marketing Business. Go through the Website I cleared out many doubts regarding Contract manufacturing to MRP and other useful business topics.

As i went through many articles which makes me understand topics clearly and have experienced answers to all queries.

I have few doubts which if you can clear out as I have just been into the business for sometime now and initiated drug license and other pre requisite required to start Pharma Marketing Business.

Doubts and Queries.

  1. As per your article how can I get market value/sales of particular Formulation/brand from market.what are the way to get that Sales Figure?Top brand and their formulations growth & sales? Link to Article: http://www.pharmafranchisehelp.com/2016/07/how-to-generate-prescription-from-doctors.html
  2. What would be minimum to maximum percentage Doctor charges for writing prescription (Cash & Commission) & is that to be calculated on MRP basis?
  3. Does Contract manufacturer works on Minimum Quantity Basis? Payment terms and it their any contract based on annual basis or Batch basis?
  4. I want to start with Chronic Segment and there are many players into the field which are big pharma’s. How to Convince Doctor to Prescribe my brand? just for understanding and strategy design.
  5. Contract manufacturers are to be selected based on Products/Formulations(Aripiprazole/ofloxacin) or dosage form(solid,liquid,gel etc)?
  6. What are Pre Contract understanding need to be taken in consideration while dealing with CMs?
  7. How to get information about Contract Manufacturers , are there any directory or publications providing information?

If you can help me out with above listed few queries i will be more clear about the picture and start out with next phase of challenges.


We are providing responses in serial wise to your query:

  1. Sales and Value figure, you have collect from various sources, new letters of companies, monthly/quarterly/yearly sales analysis by experts and agencies.
  2. Minimum charges depend and vary area to area. It could be 20% to 50%. Charges is calculated at PTR basis and some times MRP basis depend at your commitment with doctors.
  3. All contract manufacturers work at minimum quantity basis. We refer it as minimum batch size. Payment term that is followed by most of manufacturers are 25% advance and remaining against performa invoice. One time contract is signed by both parties. You don’t need contract at every batch.
  4. At every segment, you will find lot of competitors. Its depend at you how can you convince doctor for prescribing your products. Most of companies follow techniques we discussed in our article: http://www.pharmafranchisehelp.com/2016/07/how-to-generate-prescription-from-doctors.html . If you know any better technique you can use that also.
  5. Contract Manufacturers are to be selected at basis of dosage form.
  6. Most important thing to be consider is Timely Delivery and Quality of their products. These two factors is key for selecting Contract manufacturers.
  7. Contract manufacturers you can search at google. There is lot of websites who will provide you information about third party or contract manufacturers. You can follow our article for list of contract manufacturers information

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Need help for marketing the Ayurvedic products


Need help for marketing the Ayurvedic products


You can sell your Ayurvedic Products in same manner as Pharma Products marketing is done. There are commonly four marketing methods are used to sell products in pharma and ayurvedic industry. These are:

In Ayurvedic market, you can also implement MLM (Multi Level Marketing) technique to generate good business.

Read more about marketing types by clicking here

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