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Vintage Labs
HO: 21, Lam Road, Saubhagya Nagar, Nasik Road, Maharashtra
RO: 95R, 1st & 2nd floor, Circular Road, New Colony,
Gurgaon-122001, Haryana
Tele: 0124 – 4081783 / 4077228


We take this pleasure to introduce ourselves as a fast growing pharmaceutical company with a mission – ‘Service to Humanity’.

Company’s Mission 

Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the health care challenges of our changing world cannot wait. That’s why VINTAGE are committed to being a leader in health care and to help change millions of lives through providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. We have a leading portfolio of medicines that prevent, treat and cure diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, and pipeline of promising new products also.

VINTAGE has a strong presence in various states of India and in 12 years of operation; VINTAGE had maintained a successful track record of establishing our brands and penetration in the market.


Vintage had established sales and marketing network in India namely Haryana, U.P., Rajasthan, Delhi, Orissa, Bihar, J& K and West Bengal through a vibrant sales force of more than 50 professionally trained and highly motivated marketing and sales professionals and efficient logistic network of carrying and forwarding agents all these sates of India to make its products available at all places and at all times.

Vintage Labs has been active in various therapeutic segments like Latest Neutraceuticals, Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-peptic, Antihypertensive, Antioxidant, Multivitamins Caps & Syrups and Anti-osteoporosis drugs etc. These products of Vintage have established a niche for themselves as reputed brand names in their respective market segments.

Vintage Labs an Indian Pharmaceutical Company is certified with prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification from Joint Accreditation System Australia & New Zealand which further emphasizes the quality standards which we are maintaining in our Company. At the moment in our Company we are having Softgel Capsule, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups & injectables also.

Commitment to Quality

Vintage, providing quality healthcare is of utmost importance and we have taken our brands quality to the highest level of efficiency possible. In a period of 12 years, VINTAGE LABS has established itself in the pharma market as a company that is reliable, safe and above all else, committed to producing only the highest quality drugs.

In addition to these stringent & standard regulations, our products are developed by exhaustive methods to ensure the Quality, Safety, Purity and Effectiveness of the pharmaceutical dosage forms. We also believe that presentation is very important in today’s competitive world so we have put extra efforts in the packaging and presentation of our products which is really attractive and of best quality.

Franchisee Marketing

Now under ambitious expansion plan we wish to appoint – Franchisee Marketing, Vintage Labs is poised for a big leap forward.
Franchisee is our Strategic Business Associate engaged, to take care of Business of Vintage Labs in his respective territory, and for facilitating the company in registering high growth in terms of business in that particular territory.
Long term association is most desirable both, for a rewarding relationship with a Franchisee and the Company, for mutual benefits.

Following points are required for a Marketing Associate (Franchisee) to be appointed as per understanding on Norms:

  • Franchisee will be appointed on a contract of two years, which can be renewed if the performance is found to be in line with agreed understanding.
  • Franchisee will be assigned either unit of state or entire state and company will have the rights to withdraw part or full state or unit, if the performance is not satisfactory.
  • Franchisee will appoint his own field force at his own responsibility of salary & wages and other monetary, legal & trade related issues.
  • Franchisee will recruit field staff with a minimum qualification of graduate in BSc/D.Pharma/B.Pharma.
  • Franchisee must have a good connection with local trade and doctors

Promotional Strategy

Company will provide Visual-Aids and product related literature at a regular interval on cost price.
Working Bag, Visual-Aid, Visiting Cards and Stationary related to the field force will be provided at cost price.
To maintain a uniform code of conduct across the country, doctor’s gift shall be decided by the company and the value for the same would be charged from Franchisee on cost price but this is optional.
Nomenclature of Field Representative will be decided by the management in order to have uniform system of designation field staff across the country.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Company will supply goods to the franchisee on TO PAY BASIS, 2% C.S.T will be charged extra against C form, one advance ‘C’ form must alongwith first order. 
  • Franchisee will have to make all the payments to our Reg. office in advance payable at Gurgaon through Demand Draft or thro Cheque. 
  • Goods once supplied will not be taken back. 
  • No Breakage/Expiry will be entertained by the company. 
  • Franchisee will be offered special volume discounts. 
  • Company has a standard Price-List for the country, Franchisee is advised to adhere to the same strictly. 
  • All correspondences and transactions are subject to Gurgaon jurisdiction. 
We look forward to a positive response and valuable orders from your side.

Best Regards

Vintage Labs Pvt. Ltd 

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