How to Start Franchise Marketing of a Pharma Company with Medical Representative Experience?

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Location: Bongaigaon, Assam
Sir, presently working as a Medical Representative, but soon starting own franchise, I have Wholesale Drug License number and very soon applying for GST number, so kindly help me, thanks


Sir, its good to hear from you, you are starting your own franchise marketing. We hope for your best future in pharma franchise marketing. Before start you need to prepare yourself mentally and financially to face new entrepreneur journey. Leaving job and start your own marketing may seem easy but it has some what difficult and challenging work.

Our purpose is not to demotivate you but we want you to prepare mentally before going in your own marketing. Many persons start own company or marketing without being prepared mentally and left it after some time. They have to join again another job. So, be prepare mentally and financially. You don’t need to reserve high amount of money with you to start your franchise marketing but you should have another source of income till your own marketing produces enough money for your expenses.

It will take time to establish some sort of time to establish your own marketing. Initially you can face number of problems, negative feed backs, demoralization from other professionals. Your mental preparedness and enough money for your struggling period will help you lot. We have discuss it in our previous articles. You should consider many points before starting pharma franchise marketing. read here Things that should be considered before starting pharma franchisee business

If you want to read article how can A medical representative start own franchise marketing click here. This article is based upon two real stories of Medical representative(MR) to start own marketing. This article may help you.

Before starting pharma franchise marketing and choosing best franchise partner for you, you should read precautions one should take before finalizing pharma company: Read here: Which Pharma Franchisee Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association?

Steps for starting pharma franchise marketing read here: Steps for starting Pharma Franchise Marketing!!!!!!

If one more problem, you will face during franchise marketing is to calculate price to stockist and price to retailer, you can read it detail at our article: how to calculate Price to retailer, price to stockist and MRP calculation.

What will be your margin in franchise marketing, read this article: You can get your roughly margin here for pharma franchise marketing. It will give you roughly idea about your margin in franchise marketing.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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